MyCafeCup Classic version (Best Selling Version)

The classic version is the best selling version. It's provides the most important and necessary features needed for all cybercafe today. The user interface is very easy to understand and requires only the novice user to operate. Fast and secure are the most important things for the Classic version. Cafe' Cup Classic is Suitable for the beginner and intermediate cyber cafe owner, Cafe' Cup Classic will continue to meet your need as your business grows.






MyCafeCup Classic Client

  • Total screen locking with 2 levels (Full and normal)
  • Remove Control-Alt-Delete capabilities. (Windows 9x / Me / XP / 2000 supported)
  • Hides "Control Panel", "Printer Folder", "RUN Command" and "Network neighborhood icon" to prevent damage from users setting.
  • Hides Disk Drives (Floppy Disks, Hard Disks, CD Rom, and Network Drives).
  • Tooltip Limited/Usage/Remaining time showing in realtime.
  • Automatically log off user after time expires.
  • Automatically log off user after communication to Cafe' Cup Server Failure.
  • Automatically log off user after Cafe' Cup server has been shutdown.
  • Automatically Startup with windows.
  • Shutdown/Reboot on the fly by Admin or Emergency Code.
  • Self hiding from system task monitor and manager.
  • Floating real time Scoreboard showing Limited/Usage/Remaining time.
  • User-Define-Logo for showing your cyber cafe logo on screenCan also handle multiple logos, selecting one at random each time.
  • Password Changing
  • Stable and reliable.

MyCafeCup Classic Server

  • Multiple employee access rights set by administrator (Read Only / Full Functions / Low level / Clearing).
  • Machine status monitoring in real-time.
  • Customer status monitoring in real-time.
  • Send messages and pop ups to client screens.
  • Automatically send warning message to customers before time expires. (1-15 Mins)
  • Remotely lock clients screen.
  • Remotely Re-boot clients screen.
  • Remotely Shut-down clients screen.
  • Full audit logging of system maintenance and activities.
  • Customer accounts can be created one at a time or automatic generated in a batch
  • Can run services in background mode regardless of administrator log-on.
  • Security policy setting.
  • Printing function for Users, Log and Auto Generated Users.
  • Data Backup / Restore.
  • System Task invisible from System Task manager.
  • Date/Time Synchronize to all client machines.
  • Smart income Viewer for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  • Multiple user types (Limited Time, Unlimited Once, Unlimited Freeze, Unlimited On-demand and Add-On Card)
  • Stable and reliable.

Cafe' customer's benetfits

  • Customer is able to change the machine for using freely.
  • Customer is able to change their password.
  • Customer can use their account in other next day until time expires.
  • Easily control their usage time and payments by themselves..

Cafe' Owner's benefits.

  • More secure for your income.
  • Fully protect your systems.
  • Protect your income.
  • Easily manage your business.
  • Get more for "Cash Flow" immediately.
  • More attractive for your customers for repeat business.
  • Enhances your cyber cafe' with a more professional look.
  • etc.