internet cafe Platinum Version

MyCafeCup Platinum Version (The new generation)

Our Platinum version is a masterpiece which provides all features of Classic version plus a whole lot more. My Cafe' Cup Platinum can be scaled for any size of Cyber Cafe' Shop, allowing you to easily setup a wide variety of marketing plans. Examine all the features and see how My Cafe' Cup Platinum can help make you Cyber Internet Cafe' easier to operate.

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Internet Cafe Software and Cyber Cafe Software
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MyCafeCup Platinum - Client

  • Remove Control-Alt-Delete, Alt-F4 and Ctrl-Esc capabilities. ( Win 9x/Me/XP/2000/XP/2003 server supported)
  • High Security to protect the machine from un-authorized person.
  • Floating real time Scoreboard showing Limited/Usage/Remaining time (3 Sizes).
  • "Indy-Logo" - Individual Logo for easier checking of the connection between Client and Server.
  • Automatically log off user after time expires.
  • Automatically synchronizes information when communications between client and server are re-connected.
  • Can calculate the usage amount itself automatically, when server down.
  • Automatically Startup with windows.
  • Shutdown/Reboot remotely by Administrator or by Emergency Code.
  • Self hiding from system task monitor and manager.
  • Floating Scoreboard alike for Limited/Usage/Remaining time showing in realtime.
  • User-Define-Logo for showing your cyber Cafe' logo on screen. Can also handle multiple images and selecting one at random each time.
  • Password changing.
  • Power Saver, set the time-out to display screen saver, turn-off monitor (energy star) or shut-down the machine.
  • Fast Scanning for the mycafecup server IP address. (When configuring the server IP Address)
  • Fully details the calculation of usage amount.
  • Multiple background pictures and movies or advertisement banner can be applied.
  • "Fly to the stars" the pretty build-in screen saver.
  • Power saving such as automatically displaying screen saver, shut-down the windows or turn-off monitor when no activities.
  • More Stable and reliable than competitors..
  • File Download Blocking for IE.
  • Web filtering Blocking for IE.
  • Applications Blocking.
  • DHCP / Windows XP SP2 Firewall / ICS supported.
  • The programs do a lot of important security processes automatically behide the scene.
  • And much more...

MyCafeCup Platinum - Server

  • Multiple employee access rights set by administrator (Read Only / Full Functions / Low level / Clearing).
  • Multiple language interfaces ( Currently only English / Spanish / France / Portuguese / Thai ).
  • Multiple machine group management.
  • Multiple Period Time Plan with visual configuring chart, that makes easier configure the marketing plans. The charing rates can be flat rate (Whole day) or dependence by period of the day.
  • Multiple Time plans for a wide variety of marketing plans.
  • Machine status monitoring in real-time.
  • Customer status monitoring in real-time.
  • Remote process task manager for specific individual client machine.
  • Remote system status viewer for specific individual client machine.
  • Remote screen capture for specific individual client machine.
  • Remote client desktop control ( control mouse / keyboard ) without to sit at the client machine.
  • Remote installed application for specific individual client machine.
  • Send messages and pop ups to client screens.
  • Automatically send warning message to customers before time expires. (1-15 Mins)
  • Remotely lock clients screen.
  • Remotely re-boot clients screen.
  • Remotely shut-down clients screen.
  • Remotely Wake-On-LAN the specified client.
  • Full audit logging of system maintenance and activities.
  • Customer accounts can be created one at a time or automatic generated in a batch.
  • Can run services in background mode regardless of administrator log-on.
  • More than 30 system policy settings for clients.
  • Full feature report generator.
  • Database Backup / Restore. (Manual / Auto / Auto Delete old transaction logs)
  • System Task invisible from System Task manager.
  • Date/Time Synchronize to all client machines.
  • Smart income Viewer for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  • Multiple User Account type : Normal Limited Amount (Pay before use) ,Unlimited Once (Pay after use, expires after log-out), Unlimited Freeze (Pay after use, Never expired, suitable for V.I.P. member), Unlimited On-line (Pay after use, No Coupon, No user code and password need) and Add-On for Normal Limited (Pay before use, for extend the amount of Normal Limited Amount user type)
  • Coupon usage duration limitation. (Expiry days from the first time logged-on)
  • Coupon generator. (Printing)
  • Expiry days (from 1st time user log-on)
  • More stable and reliable than other competitors.
  • Send the Wake-On-LAN to any client machine.
  • Can shut-down temporary without interupting clients.
  • Remote Viewer for viewing the server status remotely. (Both directly by Plug-in application or  common web browser)
  • Smallest portable DB engine, consume small system memory, faster processing, can keep the data upto 2 Tera-Bytes.
  • Automatically Backup the database for previous 7 days.
  • The programs do a lot of important security processes automatically behide the scene.
  • Many much more features...

Cafe' customer's benetfits

  • Customer is able to change the machine for useign freely.
  • Customer is able to change their password.
  • Customer can access their account until time expires.
  • Easily control themselves for the usage time and payments.

Cafe' Owner's benefits.

  • More secure for your income.
  • Fully protect your systems.
  • Protect your income.
  • Easily manage your business.
  • Get more for "Cash Flow" immediately.
  • More attractive for your customers for repeat business.
  • Enhances your cyber cafe' with a more professional look.
  • etc